There are 4 types of booth setups: Standard/Linear, Border Wall, Peninsula, and Island. The following cubicle screen guidelines are normal for U.S. Trade Shows and Convention Halls.

Standard/Linear Booth (10′ depth)

Any booth that shares a typical back wall and abuts other displays on a couple of sides.

Optimum height is 8′. This 8′ height might be kept on the sidewall of your cubicle approximately a range of 5′ from the front aisle. The staying length of the sidewall might be no higher than 4′.

A corner cubicle is a direct booth exposed to aisle on 2 sides. All other standards for direct booth use.

Keep in mind: Hanging indications are not allowed over standard/linear booth according to a top custom exhibit design company.

Border Wall Booth (10′ depth)

A standard/linear Booth discovered on the border walls of the display flooring.

The optimum height is 12′. This 12′ height might be preserved on the sidewalls of your cubicle approximately a range of S’ from the front aisle. The staying length of the sidewall might be no Higher than 4′.

Keep in mind: Hanging indications are not allowed over boundary wall cubicles.

Peninsula Booth

Any exhibition 20′ x 20′ or bigger with a depth from the typical back wall to the aisle of a minimum of 20′ and with aisles on 3 sides. There are 2 kinds of Peninsula Cubicles: (a) one that supports to Linear Cubicles, and (b) one that backs p to another Peninsula Cubicle and is described as a “Split Island Cubicle”

For all peninsula cubicles, the outside of the back wall should be clearly ended up and might not consist of cubicle recognition, logo designs or ads.

If backed by a row of standard/linear cubicles, the back wall might be no higher than 4′ for a range of 5′ from either side aisle or 20′ high in the center of the back wall. These height limitations need to be preserved for a range of 10′ from the back wall.

Where 2 (2) peninsula cubicles share a typical back wall (” split Island”), the optimum height might be 20′ in all locations of the cubicle, consisting of the back wall (like Island Cubicle guidelines, listed below).

Keep in mind: Hanging indications are allowed over peninsula cubicles that are 20′ x 20′ or bigger.

Island Booth

Any display 20′ x 20′ or bigger and is surrounded by aisles on 4 sides.

Optimum height of 20′ in all locations of your cubicle is permitted in Central Halls 1-2. No constraints on the number of strong walls for your Island cubicle.

Keep in mind: Hanging indications are allowed above island cubicles.


Canopies and Ceilings

Canopies, consisting of ceilings, umbrellas and canopy frames, can be either ornamental or practical (such as to shade computer system screens from ambient light or for hanging items). Canopies for Linear or Boundary trade show booths must adhere to line-of-sight requirements.

The bottom of the canopy must not be lower than 7 ft. (2.13 m) from the flooring within 5 ft. (l. 52m) of any aisle. This uses to any cubicle setup that has a sight line constraint, such as a Linear Cubicle. Fire and security policies in lots of centers strictly govern the usage of canopies, ceilings, and other comparable coverings.

Covered ceiling structures or confined spaces, consisting of camping tents or canopies, will have one smoke alarm put on the ceiling for every single 900 square feet.

Hanging Indications and Graphics

Hanging indications and graphics are allowed upon approval in all basic Peninsula, Island and Split Island Cubicles, with an optimum height of sixteen feet (16 ft.)( 4.87 m) to the top of the indication as determined from the flooring.

Whether suspended from above or supported from below, they ought to abide by all normal use-of-space requirements (for instance, the acme of any indication might not go beyond the optimum permitted height for the cubicle type). Double-sided hanging indications and  graphics will be held up 10 feet (10 ft.)(3.05 m) from nearby cubicles and be straight over contracted area just.

Theatrical Truss and Lighting

Ceiling-supported theatrical truss and lighting are allowed in all basic Peninsula, Island and Spilt Island Cubicles to an optimum height of twenty feet (20 ft.)( 6.1 m) where ceiling allows. Ground-supported truss might not surpass the optimum permitted height for the cubicle type. Logo designs or graphics are not allowed over the sixteen-foot (l6fl)( 4.87 m) height constraint and need to have 4 feet (4 ft.)( 1.22 m) of separation from the top of the indication to the top of the truss.

Exhibitors must abide by the following recommended minimum standards when figuring out cubicle lighting:

  •  No lighting, components, lighting trusses or overhead lighting is permitted outside the limits of the display area.
  •  Exhibitors meaning to utilize hanging light systems should send illustrations for approval by the released deadline date.
  •  Lighting needs to be directed to the inner boundaries of the cubicle area. Lighting needs to abide by center guidelines.
  •  Lighting which Is possibly hazardous, such as lasers or ultraviolet lighting, need to adhere to center guidelines and be authorized in composing by exhibit management.
  •  Lighting that spins, turns, pulsates, and other specialized lighting results need to remain in taste and not interfere with surrounding Exhibitors or otherwise diminish the basic environment of the occasion.
  •  Decreased lighting for theater locations must be authorized by the exhibit organizer, the energy service provider, and the exhibition center.

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